Cancelations & Reimbursements

Cancel Online Store Orders
Before starting the process, we advise you to ensure that your customer knows the order will be cancelled. You can do it through the Kitch Connect APP o...
How can I cancel an order from UBER EATS?
Before starting the process, we advise that you make sure your customer knows that the order will be canceled. You can do it through Kitch APP (your tablet)...
Cancel an order from Bolt, Glovo, JustEat and Deliveroo
An accepted order needs to be cancelled by the app. It does not notify Kitch APP (your tablet). So you will need to call the corresponded support numbers.
Refund Online Store Orders
Please contact the Kitch support team so that we can proceed with the refund. Please find our contacts here: Kitch Support team contacts Or you can fill ...
Refund a customer from Bolt, Glovo, JustEat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo
In this case, your customer must request a refund through the delivery app.
Do we get paid for canceled or unfulfilled orders?
Online Store Orders The decision to proceed with the refund is entirely up to the restaurant. Refunds are not automatic. The support team will only do a ...
How can I cancel the service with Kitch?
Please contact your account manager. If not possible, please reach out to our support team so that we can re-direct your request internally.