If you receive an indication from your customer that their order has not been delivered, Kitch can cover the costs of re-preparing the same order – which averages between 25 and 30% of the total order value. The restaurant will receive this amount through a credit note.

Check the scenarios below to understand the procedure for the situation you have reported:

Scenario 1:

The customer cancelled the order

Order placed through one of the channels: UberEats/ Bolt/ Glovo

  • In these cases, the refund is made to the customer, automatically, by the respective app.
  • If the situation resulted from the action of a Kitch courier, Kitch will cover the costs of preparing the cancelled order.
  • If the customer decides that he still wants to receive the order, he must place a new order, since he has already received the refund for the cancelled order.

Order placed through the Online Store

  • In these cases, you should contact the Kitch support team, to follow up with the situation.
  • If the customer unintentionally cancels the order and still wants to receive it, you should contact the Kitch support team, and we can reopen the order and send a new courier.

Scenario 2:

The order has been reported as complete, but has not been delivered to the customer

  • When an order is completed without having been delivered, the customer is entitled to request a full refund from the platform on which they placed the order.
  • In these cases, Kitch will insure the costs of preparing the order, which has not been delivered.
  • If the customer still wants the order, he/she must place a new order through the same or another app.
  • Exceptionif the order is still at the restaurant and the customer still wants the order, Kitch may reopen an order and send a new courier (no need to ensure preparation costs)

Scenario 3

The order is still running, but has been returned to the restaurant.

It was not delivered to the customer or another delivery problem occurred

  • In this case, you should contact the Kitch support team and explain the situation.
  • The team will contact the end customer and the courier to understand the situation and assist, where possible, with making the delivery. 
  • In case something has happened that prevents the delivery of the order, the support team will work out the best of two solutions with you and the customer.


         1. Making a second order preparation.

  • If the customer still wants to receive the order, the restaurant will prepare the order again and Kitch makes a new delivery, whereby the customer will only be charged once and will, likewise, receive the order.
  • In this case, Kitch will cover the costs of the second order preparation.
  • And the restaurant will be paid for the first order, in full, because it has been delivered. If it is not paid, you should contact the Kitch support team.

            2. Refund of the order.

  • If the restaurant can no longer prepare the order, or the customer is no longer interested in receiving it, due to some problem with delivery: the customer will be refunded in full in the case of an order from the online store (or will request a refund from the app in which the order was placed).
  • In case of refund, Kitch will ensure the costs of the preparation of the refunded order.


If the customer is unreachable at the time of delivery, or is not yet at the address to be able to receive the order, we will complete the order as all delivery procedures have been carried out. In this way, the restaurant will receive the value of the order and there is no need to refund the customer.