When you create a store with Kitch, your store web address can have one of the following formats:

If you would like to change the web address displayed to customers when they are visiting your online store, then you need to add your custom domain, such as www.pizzaplanet.com, and define a slug, such as delivery.pizzaplanet.com

When ordering in your store your customer will see the web address delivery.pizzaplanet.com

STEP 1: To define your custom domain you first need to buy a custom domain from a third-party provider such as Google domains, Godaddy, Cpanel, etc.

STEP 2: Then you need to add your custom domain to Kitch by contacting support, your account manager, or visiting the dashboard in the page store, settings.

STEP 3: Finally, our team will reach out to you with the records to add to the DNS settings. You can conclude this step by going to the account settings of your website provider and adding the records.

  • Adding the records to your DNS settings varies from provider to provider as each one has its own unique platform.

  • Kitch cannot support you with manually adding your records to the DNS settings. If you need help, it’s best that you contact your website manager or your domain provider support.

  • You should use the following steps as a general guide and not as a step-by-step tutorial.

We will add some examples from Cpanel

Usually, your DNS settings are in the domain area of your website provider account. There you can add a cname record. Add the content of the two cells in the first line of the table provided by our team. Repeat the process with the content from the second line of the table and conclude. Your store can take to 48 hours to be updated with your own domain.