Kitch provides couriers to deliver your orders in Portugal and Spain.

  • Nevertheless, we are expanding to deliver as well in Italy, Georgia and Ukraine.

We are able to deliver orders from your online store, and other apps, including extended areas:


❌ For orders to be delivered after midnight in Portugal, or 1am in Spain, Kitch does not take any responsibility.

  • You can check the schedule of our support team on Kitch Support team contacts
  • If you would like to continue working outside our working hours with UberEats, you can disconnect our couriers on the channel's app:

STEP 1: Go to (this is a link to open the virtual UE tablet)

STEP 2: Add username and password (the same one used on the UberEats Manager back-office)

STEP 3: Click on the 3 dashes in the upper left corner

STEP 4: Go to Settings

STEP 5: Delivery Settings and then activate "use your delivery staff" and "reach customers outside your area".

  • If you have your own fleet you have to switch to your own delivery outside our working hours;
  • If any of these options works for your business model, you can adapt your restaurant schedule. To help you with this task, please check How can I update the schedule?