Oh, it seems you are good to keep secrets. Even to yourself :)

1. If it is a @eatkich email account, please reach out to the support team.

2. If it is a personal email account, please follow the steps below:

2.1. You have two options:

a) Access Kitch website: https://restaurant.eatkitch.com/login and click on the "RECOVER HERE " button

b) Go to your Kitch Connect app, in case you're logged out, and click on "Lost password? Recover here" 

2.2. Insert on "E-mail," the e-mail associated with your Kitch account and click on the " SEND RECOVER LINK " button

2.3. After that, your password will be on your way.

2.4. Go to your e-mail account and open the e-mail sent from kitch@eatkitch.com with the subject "Reset your password," and then you just need to click on " CLICK HERE " to register a new password.

2.5. Enter a new password below to change your password.  

[ Please bear in mind that your password must contain the following details ]

2.6. After inserting a new password, click on "RESET PASSWORD " to submit your request.

And a friendly piece of advice: please make sure that the password does not have any blank spaces when inserting it.