As the Uber Eats app supports a secondary menu, it's possible to set a different schedule for each menu.

  • For this, you have to create your secondary menu, clicking on "New Menu".

  • There, you just need to set the menu name, select the categories you want in that specific menu, as well as the schedule you want that menu to be available. This schedule can be different from the one you have on the main menu.

This menu will always be a secondary one unless you click on the box "Make this my main menu" and then save and publish. 

This can be useful, for example, if you want a special menu only for the weekends. You can make this second menu the main one over the weekend, and then you can switch the menus again on Monday.


  • Having two menus is only possible for Uber Eats since it's the only app that supports a secondary menu.
  • The main menu is the only one available on all your channels.