Combos are combinations of categories and items. 

  • I.E.: Create your combo settings. E.g.: Cheeseburger Menu includes hamburgers, fries, and drinks.
  • This tool is only available for your online store

1. Go do Menu > Combos

2. Click on "Add Combos"

3. Insert all the details needed, regarding the combo creation:

  • Title - Write the name of your combo
  • Description - Describe what your item looks like/ what are the ingredients of the meal, for example.
  • Image - Upload jpg, png only. Max 10 MB size. Between 5:4 and 6:4 aspect ratio recommended and 550 to 1144 pixels size.
  • Price - What is the price of the item?
  • VAT % - What is the VAT associated with your item?
  • Categories - Do you want to add a modifier that has already been created?
  • Where and when is this item available? Select which channel and in which day of the week
  • Are there modifiers associated with this item?
  • Is it vegetarian?
  • What's the preparation time?
  • Information about the item - insert the calories, the kilojoules and the alcohol count %

4. When all information is completed, clic on "Create".