It's easy as pie. 

On our dashboard, on the left sidebar, click on " MENU " to manage all your Menu options by accessing Kitch Connect through the web page.

1. On the tab Overview you can control the appearance of your Menu by arranging the order of the categories. To change the order, you just need to click and drag each category and place it in whatever order you want;

  • In this tab, you can also use the toggles on the right to change the availability of a specific dish:

2. On the tab Menus, you can select the desired Menu as your main one and choose the categories you want to be a part of your Menu. 

  • You can also define your delivery schedule here:

3. On the tab Categories, you can check all of your categories:

  • Clicking over a category, you can edit it:

  • Clicking on the button +NEW CATEGORY, you can create a new one from the scratch:

4. On the tab Items, you can check, edit and create your items. Here you can also change the items' availability on the green toggle. If it is green, it's because the item is available; if it is red, the item is now unavailable.


The majority of options to manage the menu presented above are only available on the Kitch Connect through the website.

If you are using the Kitch Connect app on a tablet, a SUNMI, or a mobile phone you will only have the option to change the availability of the items.