It's really simple. 

Follow this link: and click on " Sign up " in the upper right corner

There are 3 ways to create your account:

  • Sign up with email and password
  • Sign up with Glovo

Sign up with email and password

  1. Fill in your information:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email
    • Your password for this account you are creating
  2. Click in “Register” button
  3. Now that you are logged in on Kitch, the next step is to select the channel you would like to integrate:

Sign up with Glovo

  1. Click on "Glovo"  button
  2. Fill in your information:
    • Glovo store link (the URL from your store, e.g.
    • Your email (from your Glovo account)
    • Your password (from your Glovo account)
    • If you have any active promotions in your store
  3. Read and agree with the conditions
  4. Click log-in

After sign-in in, you are ready to start using our product

And on the “Welcome” page, you will be able to find tutorials, to help you start