We have thought about everything. Find a subscription plan that fits your restaurant.

Pricing at Kitch includes a monthly subscription that varies accordingly to the number of orders of your restaurant. Plans range from €0 to €79 (+VAT) and orders have optional fees. You can also opt for extra services and equipment. 

  • Kitch Subscription plans (without VAT)

  • Optional fees per order (without VAT)

Fees descriptionPortugal Other countries
Delivery of orders from your online store, arranged by you:
Delivery of orders from your own online store, arranged by Kitch:
5.9% + €2.49
5.9% + €3.49
Delivery of orders from other delivery apps, arranged by Kitch:
Delivery in extended areas, arranged by Kitch:
+ €1
+ €1

  • Extras (without VAT)

FeePortugalOther countries
Integration with Vendus€12.90NA
Integration with Revo
in progress
Integration with Zonesoft€4.9NA